At NonDee we focus on building applications that would exceed your needs. Our teams come from various development backgrounds making them complimentary and able to work on any kind of technology. We always keep ourselves updated and follow the trends to ensure we always provide the best tools.

Whatever the development task we do have at hand, our experts always ensure the maximum level of security will be provided to customers and we will guide you through the PCI compliancy steps if needed (for online business including money transactions).

Outside of the pure development scope, we also have a dedicated team ready to provide you the tools to analyze your data and process it.

Our partnerships also include translation agencies that will be able to localize your business for the Asian market and advertise it correctly.

Web Development

  • PHP / MySQL
  • J2EE
  • NodeJS
  • Ajax
  • Vue.js

Mobile Application

  • iOS
  • Android
  • React Native
  • Native Script
  • Mobile APIs
  • Web Apps

Business Intelligence

  • Pentaho BI
  • Jasper Reports
  • Data Mining
  • Data Profiling
  • Data Warehouse
  • Reporting

Marketing & SEO

  • Keywords Density
  • Page Linking
  • Google / Baidu
  • Translation
  • Google Analytics
  • AdWords


Whether we are going to build just a simple static website or a complex mobile application communicating with multiple API and backend services, we always follow the same logic to ensure you always get what you were looking for when your originally came to us.



The first thing we do is to sit together with you and discuss what you would be looking at. Understanding your needs is maybe the most important part of the whole project since we will need to ensure here we have a common understanding of what your application will need to do. However do not worry: if there is more to come later we are always ready to throw more features in it!



The next thing we do is to provide you with some prototyping of the solution. This usually involves some mockups presenting your application so that you can actually visualize what will happen and documentation to validate so that we can confirm we are ready for our technical experts to enter the game.


Application BuildDevelopment

This is actually cut into multiple tasks: our technical experts will first design an architecture for the solution and select the most suitable technologies available. Documentation will also be enhanced at this stage for developers to start crafting the recipe and once ready for testers to validate all works as expected. We will also keep you updated of the progress through meetings and status shared weekly so that you can fine tune your needs.


User Acceptance Tests

Once the system is ready for you to test, we will provide you with credentials and give you sufficient time to give us feedback on what was built. We will adjust what needs to be and ensure you are ready for the next stage…


Go Live!

Finally, we will push the application onto the cloud and ensure all of your users can access and use it. At this time we will continue to monitor the system and can provide you with maintenance services to include further updates onto the system.


Ready to build the next Big Thing?

Want to know more about our services? Just drop us a line and we will be right back ready to assist you!

Cloud Hosting Partners

You will find below the hosting solutions that we recommend at NonDee. We have a large experience working with each of them and we truly believe those are the best available on the market

Preferred Databases

As soon as your start to store data, you need to think about selecting a database layer. We usually work with the solutions presented below (note that MariaDB is replacing MySQL on our preferred stack). Redis is actually not a database layer but we regularly use it to store data for which we would need quick access.

Our Web Servers Stack

Depending of the technology selected, we usually pick one of the web servers below. NGINX is often placed on every solution as it provides additional tools to enhance the default web servers and particularly security and caching.

Our Frameworks Selection

When we say we develop, we actually mean it! But to do it well, this is always best to pick a framework that would match the needs of our clients. All frameworks presented in our selection are recent frameworks that are actively supported and proved reliable for every usage.