About NonDee

As soon as NonDee Limited born in Hong Kong, we immediately started building our portfolio by building our first system: an affiliate travel website where we would provide customers a unique experience in booking their hotel. From this point we started to gather contacts with multiple companies that were interested in our services and therefore expanded our business to serve them.

Today we capitalize on a strong experience in the asian markets to provide our customers an entry point to the biggest market of the world: China. Our team started working on this market for more than 5 years: we know about asian languages support, we know about issues related to the Great Firewall of China and internet speeds, we also know about local regulations and requirements for online businesses and we thrive to provide our customers the best service to help them entering this market.

Each member of our core team has been working in the IT industry for over 10 years, building large systems for startups to large corporate companies alike.



Asia is a complex region with special rules varying from country to country regarding online presence… For instance: did you know that a website hosted in China must be registered through an ICP license? We have partnered with some of the best specialists to assist you in each step establishing your business in Asia and can guide you through:

  • Online business regulations
  • Translation in Asian languages
  • Hosting and Network disparities issues
  • Visibility on Search Engines in Asia (like Baidu in China)
  • Rules and best practices for Online Marketing
  • Asian SEO

When needed, we will introduce you to our partners who will assist you to prepare all documents in order to get your business ready and visible.